Funky Time Frenzy: Dive into the Heart of Excitement

Funky Time Frenzy: Dive into the Heart of ExcitementToday’s Funky Time game results and stats is an engaging, engaging game that brings live roulette’s wheel-based gameplay to a new level of enjoyment and interactivity.

Today’s Funky Time game results and stats features multiple segments with multipliers and bonus rounds that increase players’ winning potential.

The Money DigiWheel features 64 segments, divided into 28 “Number One” slots, 24 letter segments, and four bonus round segments, with each segment offering different payout potentials.


Funky Time from Evolution Gaming is an exciting live game show with an energetic disco theme and huge potential wins! A sequel to Crazy Time, this immersive live experience provides players with an engaging host and cutting-edge studio. Funky Time can be played both on desktop computers and mobile devices for an enjoyable playing experience.

Funky Time’s gameplay revolves around spinning a wheel to determine payouts and rewards. Players place bets on specific spaces on the wheel in hopes that it lands in an advantageous spot; successful bets may result in base payouts or access to bonus rounds; players may even collect multipliers to increase their odds of success!

Keep in mind that multipliers aren’t guaranteed; their exact value cannot be predicted precisely on any particular Digiwheel space. Players can make rough estimates using historical data.

To increase your odds of success and increase payouts, focus your bets on betting the number or letter spots on the wheel – these areas typically offer higher payouts and increase chances of landing a bonus game. Also look out for betting opportunities like “Select” or “Predict” sections which might give you access to bigger prizes!

Funky Time game from Evolution Gaming features a Digiwheel with 64 segments – this is 10 more than other wheel games such as Crazy Time or Monopoly Live! Furthermore, two other bonus rounds exist: Disco and VIP Disco – where Mr. Funky dances across either 37 tile dancefloor or 63 tile dancefloor respectively and players have the chance to earn four times their bet amount when selecting multipliers correctly each time the wheel spins!

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Funky Time live is an engaging disco-themed game show offering four thrilling bonus games that can increase your winning potential. Each bonus provides its own reward, and to participate, simply place an active bet when the wheel stops on that segment of the wheel. These mini games include Bar Bonus, Stayin’ Alive Bonus, Disco Bonus and VIP Disco Bonus which all generate large multipliers for winnings.

Bonus games are easy to understand and provide multiple options, like the Bar Bonus which features a robot bartender with three glasses that each contain a multiplier value up to 20x the original prize. Players have the option of collecting multiple glasses at the same time in order to increase their chance of earning the highest possible prize; however, due to random selection by the bartender’s selection process you cannot control what multipliers you receive.

Evolution’s previous hit, Crazy Time, Funky Time is a thrilling game of luck and chance hosted in high-quality studios. The 70s disco theme of Funky Time is celebrated with flare-wearing presenters and glitter balls. Evolution’s best game features a larger and superior wheel, more multiplier spaces and up to four bonus games – no wonder why fans of Evolution enjoy it so much! And you can enjoy all this fun right on mobile devices too with an integrated real-time video experience! The interface is designed to be user-friendly and optimized for larger screens, making placing bets simple. Furthermore, this game delivers an authentic experience free of errors or slowness so you can follow each draw seamlessly in real-time without hassle or delay. In addition, payment methods such as credit cards and mobile apps are accepted within this gaming experience.


Funky Time online game provides players with multiple payouts. Each segment on its wheel corresponds with potential winnings or bonuses, and bettors place their bet on where they think the wheel will stop before a live dealer spins it – if it stops where their bet was placed they win! Plus there are special segments which activate bonus rounds!

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Evolution Gaming, an esteemed live casino game show developer, designed Funky Time with similar appearance and gameplay to popular Evolution Gaming title Crazy Time. Players may employ several strategies to increase their chances of success such as analytics or wheel spin statistics; moreover, Funky Time website also provides historical results that can help identify patterns or trends.

To play Funky Time, first log into and verify your account on our site. Next, head over to the game section and choose Funky Time; after choosing your bet size and clicking ‘Play’, the dealer will spin the wheel for you and your winnings will appear on screen! Alternatively, mobile phones or tablets can also be used for Funky Time gaming!

Funky Time online game features a Digiwheel with 64 segments instead of the standard 54 segments found on traditional money wheels, providing greater payouts and multipliers than its counterpart. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface is optimized for larger screens to allow players to move chips directly onto desired options on screen; there is also a quick bet button which enables betting across all 12 letters, as well as four bonus games!


Funky Time from Evolution Gaming is an innovative live casino game that blends music, entertainment, and gambling into an energetic studio setting. This exciting casino game offers various bonuses to enhance gameplay and increase winning potential for its players; these range from Bar Bonus with robotic bartender to VIP Disco Party bonus which offer unique rewards that keep gameplay exciting and unpredictable.

This game works similarly to other wheel-based ones: players place bets on which segment of a colorful money wheel they think will stop when spun by a live dealer, with a payout if their predicted segment wins. They may also place special bets for specific letters appearing on the wheel – these bets could pay out up to 25:1 should the pointer stop on one.

Funky Time is currently only available on LeoVegas, though other platforms should become available soon. To play it, visit your favorite casino’s website and click on ‘Sign In/Register’, typically found near the top right corner. Enter your details before submitting the form.

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One of the top online casinos for playing Funky Time is 1Win. This operator boasts an outstanding reputation, supporting multiple currencies and languages while also offering a secure platform and various promotions such as cashbacks and loyalty programs. Furthermore, 1Win holds a license issued by Curacao that adheres to international regulations; making it an excellent choice for players seeking a safe and fair experience that’s also user-friendly with its simple navigation and user-friendly website interface.


Funky Time is an exhilarating gameshow that features a live dealer spinning a giant wheel to award winning bets. This live-streamed game can be watched anywhere with access to internet such as desktop computers, mobile devices and tablets – it is popular among online gambling fans who like gambling while mobile.

Funky Time provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface, and players can select their betting options using either mouse or touch-screen controls. Furthermore, its optimized for mobile use makes it simple and enjoyable on smaller screens; users can adjust chip values by pressing a round arrow button; this also enables repeat bets.

Each player bets on one of 64 sectors on the wheel that could either provide instant cash prizes or activate bonus rounds with exciting mini-games offering exciting bet multipliers and other surprises. There are four unique bonuses, each with its own theme and offering massive payouts of up to 10,000x your original bet amount!

This game also allows players to utilize analytics and wheel spin statistics for strategic play, providing tools to track performance and develop betting strategies that increase chances of big jackpot wins. Past results don’t impact future spins – making this unpredictable yet entertaining game even more unpredictable and enjoyable! To reduce unnecessary losses over time and increase bankroll for future big jackpot wins, it is advised that bet sizes be limited. This strategy can increase bankroll over time while expanding chances of hitting one big jackpot prize!

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